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My Copywriting Experience


I have amassed a large collection of experience in writing. Among my portfolio, you'll find I've written pieces covering business, finance, politics, medicine, shopping, blog posts, international policy, travel, and advertising. I am keenly aware of the necessary parameters and excel at meeting expectations with my writing. 
I'm professional, quick, and thorough. I'll research your topic thoroughly to be sure it's well-presented. I am very skilled at research and can easily represent your information from your perspective to ensure that your audience hears from you, not from me.
You can count on me to:
  • Cite my sources
  • Be prompt and concise
  • Research thoroughly
  • Express myself professionally
  • Modify my voice to fit your piece (I can be witty, sarcastic, newsy, journalistic, and funny, as well as professional, just please clarify what you're looking for.)
*The one exception for my copywriting services is that I will not write any research paper, essay, term paper, or other work that is meant for your academic credit. I will only work on pieces that are professionally viable. 


I've been writing for years. Whether you need content for a website, blog, magazine article, advertising piece, email, letter, story, flier, or research article, you'll find me quick, to the point, and accurate with my work. Give me specific requirements for any piece you need to have written, and I'll have it done in a timely manner. See my price list for how I charge my time for writing.

Get Started With a Free Quote

Getting Started

Send me an email describing your project. I'll send you a quote for the work and once we've agreed on the price, I'll get to work on your piece. As soon as we've agreed on a price and I tell you when it'll be done, you've hired me. Here's what to include in your email:
  • Word count needed (give a range)
  • Audience: Who are you trying to reach with your writing? I'll need as much information about your audience as you can give
  • Purpose
  • Deadline
I charge a different fee for different kinds of copywriting. See the price list for a basic breakdown. Specific projects will vary.