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I'll Edit Anything You Write

I've worked on a wide variety of publications and projects, such as the following:

  • Essays 

  • Fiction

  • Non-fiction

  • Poetry

  • Journals

  • Research Articles

  • Magazine Articles

  • Books 

  • Curriculum

  • Scientific Research Documents

  • Legal Documents

  • Letters and Cover Letters

  • Resumes

  • Proposals

  • Contest Submissions

  • Scripts

  • News Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Games

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A Little Red Pen

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Why Hire Me?


When you hire me to edit for you, you're getting all of my past experience and the resources I use to keep myself current with grammar and usage rules. When I evaluate your writing, I'll bring all of these skills and assets to bear on my work:


  • My personal subscription to AP Stylebook

  • Familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style

  • Excellence in grammar, spelling, and usage rules, and frequent research to stay current

  • Several years of editing experience including roles as magazine editor, curriculum editor, and project manager

  • Skill outranking others in my field: When tested against my peers in copyediting, I placed first out of 400 other copyeditors

  • Flexibility and adaptability to work within the constraints of each unique project

  • I've edited or copyedited content for over 200 published ISBN items

What to Expect

There are several layers to my editing services.


The Basics

First, I'll do a thorough check for punctuation, spelling, and grammar. If there are grammar rules that involve some debate or variation, I'll make notes for you so you can decide what you want to do (For example, the Oxford Comma is a highly debated component and I'm in favor of it, but you don't have to be.). 


Fact Check

In addition, I'll check facts within your document to verify everything so it holds weight. If you need to add any documentation, I'll help with that.



I'll check any citations you use in your work to assure they're correct and to confirm the material itself for accuracy. 



I'll consider the audience and purpose of your writing and give editing suggestions for poignancy and proper fulfillment of goals. If you're writing for an assignment, I would like a copy of your syllabus or assignment requirements.



A final and very important component to any document is the flow and cohesion of it as a whole. Throughout your piece, I'll be keeping careful track of the way it comes together in its entirety. I'll make comments and suggest changes that might bring the entire thing together better. This includes small things like word choice and large aspects such as the way the piece holds together and moves from beginning to end. 

And After That?


After my first pass at editing, which includes all of the above components, I'll email your document back to you as a Word document. The document will have the "Track Changes" feature enabled with all markup showing. If this is something out of the ordinary for you, I'm glad to help you work with the formatting and use of the review panel in Word.


Further Editing?

Very few things are complete after one round of editing. It's very common for documents to need two rounds. After you receive my edits and suggestions, you'll be able to accept or reject any of my changes (it won't hurt my feelings, I want you to be entirely proud of your work) and make any changes you wish according to the comments. It's uncommon for documents to need a third pass, but it happens sometimes. Those are usually incredibly quick. I won't revisit things I changed before unless you had questions about them. 


Final Thoughts

I am here to serve. I want to help you put forward your best possible writing so you are proud of what you submit. I welcome feedback and input. After all, as an editor, I shouldn't be the only one giving my opinion.  

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