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This is a safe place to let all your anger and frustration go. Rant and rave all you need. Let's right the wrongs together. Copy and paste that all that livid ranting here and we'll turn it into something beautiful.

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What is NastiGrammar?


NastiGrammar is for those poignant, but regrettable moments. It's for the email you wrote to your boss that says exactly what you think, but doesn't suggest you'll remain employed a lot longer. It's for any moment of your scathing brilliance. You submit the raw truth to me, and I'll look it over and hone it so you can keep your job, but still stand up for yourself.


I've had years of practice on my own Nasti emails and scathing opinions. And I'm told I come across with poise and dignity.


We all know that those moments of anger-inspired hammering on the keyboard can lead to words that are true, but not well-tempered. Consider me the filter that goes between your raw thoughts and the targets of those thoughts, keeping you from the precipice of inadvertent self-sabotage.


NastiGrammar changes: "I'm not going to put up with your $%*! anymore. I'm not your &^@%ing doormat!" to the concrete facts. I'll gladly talk with you and rework your letter/email/tirade until it's something you'll actually send.

3 Steps of NastiGrammar

Let the hate flow

Someone's been unfair, to say the least. It's okay that you're angry. NastiGrammar is on your side. Step one is what comes naturally. In the heat of the moment, just let all your angst and frenzied fury pour out in words. No need to temper anything. Squeeze every last drop of your primal indignation out through your fingertips. Rage against the keyboard. Really let 'em have it. But don't hit send just yet. 

Let me rework the rage

When you're done pouring out your wrath, send that NastiGram to I promise to keep your words of bitter irritation confidential. When I receive an email from you, it's immediately confidential in all ways. 

Simply hitting the "send" key with words of that magnitude enclosed will give you a feeling of relief and in sending them to your friendly NastiGrammarian, you're saving yourself the grief of misplaced ire finding a premature mark. So now that you've let all that pent-up gall escape from you, release it. We'll talk and smooth out the wrinkles of frustration until your words come across with ringing, poignant clarity, but without the echoing reverberation that screams "I've come unhinged!" 

Communicate with cool confidence

Once all that raw feeling has been reshaped, you'll submit payment and I'll send you the finalized piece. With NastiGrammar, you can release your frustration and keep the respect of the person you wanted to harpoon. You'll send that angry-turned-poignant email with certainty that it'll hit its mark and gain you respect rather than scorn.

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